We've hand-picked some of the best places to visit in Croydon, so you can feel at home in no time.

Mr Tinto

Kick starting your day couldn’t be simpler, since our local coffee cart is perfectly placed between No. 26 and East Croydon station. At Mr Tinto, they take their brews seriously and serve them with a smile, and there are always five beans to choose from, with sources ranging from Colombia to Ethiopia.  

If you can’t get enough of Mr Tinto’s coffee, pick up a bag of beans to take home to your apartment.

  • Caithness Walk,

Boxpark Croydon

For some, it’s the catalyst for Croydon’s renaissance – for others, it’s the heart of the town’s nightlife and foodie scene. What everyone can agree on is that Boxpark has changed Croydon forever, and for the better. Filled with brilliant indie eateries, as well as popular chains The Breakfast Club, Meat Liquor and Chilango, and innovative bars, it’s an ever-changing landscape of delicious things, right opposite your apartment.

It also plays host to a wide range of brilliant events, from HIIT and yoga classes to big screen sports viewings and toddler raves. Its New Year’s party is already legendary and it’s perfect for nights out, midweek lunch stops and cheeky takeaways to snuggle up with on the sofa. 

Keep an eye on Boxpark’s website and social media to get first dibs on all the best music gigs, from hip hop karaoke to jazz nights.

  • 99 George Street,

Surrey Street Market

When you’re living in the heart of Croydon, it’s all too easy to head out or order in for dinner. But, if you’re a keen cook, then Surrey Street Market is your first stop for gorgeous fresh fruit, vegetables, bakes and more. Just minutes from your door, the jovial stall traders and quirky finds will have you feeling like a local in no time. 

Nip over after work for the best bargains – you’ll snap up all kinds of lovely things for next to nothing, right before the market closes at 6pm.

  • Surrey Street,